What can I say - I love bikes  

Bikes have been a HUGE part of my daily life since I was an 8-year-old hitting mini dirt jumps at our local kid-grown 'Duke Trails' to full day, exploratory cross-country road adventures I lead my best friends on when I was 10.  

My passion has never left.  

In 1994 I qualified for my first Pro World Cup Dual Slalom, became a National Downhill Champion in 1998 and 2017 continue to podium with the World's Best at the infamous Crankworx Whip-Off World Champs with a 2nd place.  

My momentum continues ... 

Every year I continue to ride technically stronger and simultaneously explore and ride my bike further into the remote places I love.  

Two wheels have always moved my soul, enhanced my life and have taken me to some amazing places around this planet. 


2017 - Crankworx Whip-Off World Championships - Silver 

2012 - Crankworx Whip-Off World Championships - Champion

2008 - Crankworx Gala Champion

2006 - Masters World DH Champion

1998 - Canadian National DH Champion

1998 - Canadian National DH Series Overall Champion

Want more?  

" ... 

Okanagan, BC girl from birth and current Revelstoke resident, Lorraine has spent the last 20 years professionally on her bike; racing, coaching, guiding and most importantly riding!   

This passion has taken her on trips all over the planet, given her some internationally recognized titles, as well as tons of experience to coach and guide you to become the best rider possible ... "

Giving Back

Mountain biking has given me so much that I can't help to give back.  It just happens ... it usually doesn't feel like you're doing anything other than something you genuinely want to do.  We all do it some way and sometimes a giving a little genuine passion goes a long way.  

Some of the bigger projects I've been apart of have resulted in some cool things.  

Check out a couple of Current Projects here

BC Provincial Parks Trail

BC Parks Tail and Sign - Blancher's Silver - felt like I won some gold that dayBC Parks Tail - Blancher's Silver - Honored to have a trail named for my Community Volunteer efforts in making the area a Regional Park (and then it became a Provincial Park).  Although it says Silver, I felt like I won some gold ... !!

Parks Canada

It's still a work in progress, but you can see Canada's first Children's Interpretive Bike Park and Creative Playscape taking shape in Mount Revelstoke National Park.  

There's Mountain bike skill development infrastructure being added to our National Park Heritage - unreal.  Stoked to have given insight into the design.  Dream.

Parks Canada Youth Skill Area lbbikes gave MTB Consulting Insight to - Honored !!A Parks Canada Youth Skill Development Area lbbikes gave MTB Consulting and Insight to - Honored !!

Past Projects

Having the above BC Parks Mountain Bike trail with my surname is a surprise and a long story short`ish ... In the late 90s, I was the President of the cycling club in Kelowna, BC.  I was also competing with the National Team and working at a local bike shop (hosting ladies nights/youth rides / talking at schools, etc.).  During this time, one of our main trail meccas was being encroached upon with development and we were losing one of our main trail networks.  A section of the board was created to join The Friends of the South Slopes, banning together various trail user groups.  My main role with the MTB Club was increasing our awareness, show how valuable the trails were to our riding community (vs them gone) and increase our overall club membership to add depth to our voice.  One of the bigger projects was to create a Spring Event (invite all the bike shops, educate attendees on the local happening and what new products they could be stoked on and also host a gear swap that you had to be a member to sell, etc.).  The goal of the event was to also generate media awareness and education on what was happening to our local trail infrastructure. With everyone's involvement (The Friends of the South Slopes, our Cycling Club, etc.) a Regional Park was created.  For my efforts and athletic achievements that year, someone nominated myself for the Community Sports Person of the Year.  I have no idea who but I remember the interviews from the panel.  I've never been good at selling myself and came 2nd to the gentleman who ran youth baseball.  A couple years ago I realized all that hard work become something really cool as I came across the trail sign below. The created Regional Park became a BC Provincial Park (still legal for mountain biking) and the name stayed ... Blanchers Silver

Current Projects 

City of Revelstoke - Currently working hard to give the City of Revelstoke an innovative community bike park.  I've secured a couple grants and in-kind funding, been to numerous Council, Public Works Parks n Rec meetings, obtained a space (close to schools, town, bike path, good emergency access, etc.) and had a design created by Alpine Bike Parks.  A TON of my time has been given and I can honestly say it's been one of the more challenging projects of my life ... we have a build date of May 24, 2015, and I'm STOKED !!!

Parks Canada, Mount Revelstoke National Park - (As pictured above) Excited to be a mountain bike consultant for an innovative National Parks Youth Interpretive Bike Skills Park.  Notable as it's not only unique for a National Park to build infrastructure or mountain bike infrastructure, it's unique for Skill development parks period as it blends learning out the local ecosystem with it's 'creature features' (aka technical terrain features).  Helping create mountain bike infrastructure in a National Park is also dream !!!

Want Even More ...

Snap Shot last 2 decades as featured in REVED, Revelstoke's Art, Culture and Lifestyle Publication.  Stoked.Snap Shot last 2 decades as featured in REVED, Revelstoke's Art, Culture and Lifestyle Publication. Stoked.