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Beyond Trails: Atacama

Posted February 19, 2018 by Lorraine Blancher . Filed under

Wildland Media/Robin Munshaw and I battle tumultuous weather as we embark on a unique backcountry mountain bike traverse to follow un-mapped wild Vicuna trails through the spectacular Atacama Desert of northern Chile. 

Why the Atacama? 

The Atacama Desert had been a destination that had intrigued me for many years. The incredibly starry nights, visually stunning landscape and rich culture were alluring. There were no trails maps or guidebooks for the areas we wanted to go - that also added to the appeal. 

We relied on the footpaths created by the wild vicuna. For centuries, their tiny hooves had created routes through the barren landscape as they traveled to reach water, find food and shelter from the wind. 

The uncertainty and unknown made for an incredible adventure as we successfully navigated ourselves through the rugged and stunning terrain.  

Beyond Trails: Atacama was shared by over 30 online media outlets, including Yahoo! Digital Trends, Outside Online, Pink Bike and Bike Magazine.

Beyond Trails: Atacama featured on Yahoo!

Digital Trends featured Beyond Trails:Atacama among blockbuster hits like Black Panther

Beyond Trails:Atacama was even 'Trending' on Digital Trends - 3rd down on the right

Beyond Trails:Atacama came to fruition thanks to an Adventure Grant from MEC and the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

Beyond Trails:Atacama created various deliverables. 

For stories and images see the below online articles. 

Yahoo! - Digital Article with Images and Film - " ‘Beyond Trails: Atacama’ is Osprey’s film of human-powered exploration"

Outside Magazine - Film - "From Wildland Media, Beyond Trails in the Atacama follows mountain biker Lorraine Blancher on a cycling trip through the Andes. Battling tumultuous weather, the crew battles through the unpredictable moods of the desert." - Images plus Q&A Article

Bike Magazine - Film - "The Atacama desert lies on the western shores of South America in the perfect convergence of mountain and sea to make an arid and dry landscape. The desert on average receives only 15 millimeters of rain per year. On average. Some weather stations in the desert have never recorded rainfall. A perfect place for bikepacking, right?"

Adventure Journal - It’s for You - It’s the Atacama Desert Calling - Bikepacking through a desolate dreamland is more dreamy than desolate

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