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Bike Magazine Revelstoke First Cover Second Feature

Posted April 25, 2015 by Lorraine Blancher . Filed under Trips, Media, Cool Happenings

Bike Magazine, Castles in the Sky - Revelstoke Feature 

Volume 22 Number 02
March 2015

Revelstoke Feature - Author: Brice Minnigh
Revelstoke Feature - Photographer: Bruno Long

 *work in progress*

It was great to help create and be apart of a Revelstoke trip that was featured in the March Issue of Bike Magazine, "Castles In the Sky, Truth and Transcendence in Revelstoke's Alpine Kingdom."

The behind the scenes work to coordinate trip logistics generated my first shared Bike Magazine cover (plus a few images throughout the article) and created my second rider involvement in a Bike Magazine Feature Trip.  Stoked.  

(The first Feature was for a 2 day - float plane in, mountain bike out - trip as a guide for Big Mountain Bike Adventures in the Chilcotin's.  7 Global Media Publications including Kristin Butcher representing Bike Magazine gathered for a Specialized Women's Bike Launch.  The trip was all women with only 2 token males, Sterling Lorence as the photographer and Chris Winter founder of Big Mountain.  I believe it was titled Trip of a Lifetime and I'll have to dig that one out one day.)

This recent Bike Magazine article is special as I was able to share the place I called home.   

" ... I knew you'd be blown away!" yelled one of my riding companions, Lorraine Blancher as she doubled back to where I stopped.  "This is Revelstoke.  Everywhere you look there are mountains. And you can ride on most of them. This is just the tip of the iceberg ... " as quoted in Bike Mag

Morning Sunrise on Cartier before descending it's 6000 foot trail.Morning Sunrise on Cartier before descending it's 6000+ vert with a historic fire lookout trail initially built in 1922. Thanks to a early morning Helicopter Lift with Selkirk Tangier's Heli Skiing and their Operations Manager Jeff Honig, Author Brice and I got a few extra turns in and makes the future reality of heli biking even more real.

I love being up in the alpine for sunrise and sunset.  Being able to get up there (by helicopter) for first light is a feeling like no other ...  It's happened for personal missions behind Mt Begbie (before the machine was needed for fires), as a heli hiking guide for a various notable print and video heli hiking assignments as well as being an athlete for a variety of heli skiing video projects.  It's an alpine experience I love to create and I had to make it happen and share with this media trip too.  

Along with connecting a couple tourism initiatives for Bike's accommodation and trip meals, it was fun to get creative and find funding for an early morning Heli Drop.  In the end, thank you Selkirk Tangier's Heli Skiing and Glacier Helicopters for taking us up to the top of Mount Cartier for the breathtaking morning glow.  I love that feeling and it's going to be exciting to see were the commercial Heli Biking Concept goes.  

" ... Can you believe how pretty it is?  Lorraine asked rhetorically.  "I never get tired of it.  This is one of my favorite places in the world ... " as quoted in Bike Magazine.

Leading the Boys down the Frisby Alpine Trail with iconic Begbie Mountain showing why it's King of the Kingdom in the backgroundLeading the Boys down the new created Frisby Ridge Alpine Trail with iconic Mount Begbie showing why it's King of it's Columbia Mountain Kingdom in our foreground.

When you read the print article, you'll see it's Revelstoke historic and new alpine trails paired with it's incontestable big descents that set it apart from most other places in BC.   

Historic trials litter our surrounding mountains, some are amazing to ride and take us to incredible places ...  (The first image in this post is a from the Top of the Cartier Fire Look out trail created in the 1920's.) Many who come to the area ride the Keystone / Standard Basin trail that was initially built for mining (1940s?)

The area is also fortunate to attract a high concentration of quality people motivated to make better trails.  Pair that ambition and initiative with a Trust Fund created in the 90s to enhance community living, and you have an area that's pretty solid to start ... and continues to grow.  

(When BC Hydro dammed the Columbia River in Canada, the Columbia Basin Trust was later created to give an annual percentage of the hydro generated profits to the communities the damming affected - As Hydro makes more power and their annual profits go up, the funding total they have to give back to enhance the communities along the dammed River also goes up.  The hard working Revelstoke Cycling Association has tapped into this and other creative type funding resources to create the new McPherson, Boulder and Frisby trails as pictured above. ) 

Then there are our 2 National Parks, Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Park that are welcoming our sport by building a youth skill development area as well creating mountain bike specific trail infrastructure within their protected NP Boundaries that didn't make it into the article.  

The bone structure of the majestic peaks with funding resources and rich history creates a unique gathering that is really only beginning to include the mountain bike story.

Revelstoke's Valley bottom trails are pretty cool too.  

Getting Camo with one of the valley bottom trail gems in the Mecca at the base of Mount McPersonGetting all Revy Camo on one of my favorite valley trail gems over at the riding mecca of Mount McPerson

My Race Face gloves making the perfect serving dish.  Collecting and eating various wild berries is something many of us love to do.  You can't help but feel thankful when natures provides you a trail snack like this ... My Race Face gloves making the perfect serving dish. Collecting and eating various wild berries is something many of us love to do. You can't help but feel grateful when natures provides you a trail snack like this ...

Grateful and Thankful for the below who enhanced our trip ...

Selkirk Tangier Heli Skiing - Thank you for our Heli Drop on Cartier.  As mentioned above, Selkirk Tangier's has been taking guests into the mountain by helicopter for many decades and boasts one of the largest local commercial helicopter skiing areas.  They have successfully secured summer tenure to expand into summer heli biking operations.  Super Stoked. 

(Selkirk Tangier's sibling is Revelstoke Mountain Resort - RMR.  RMR joined Revelstoke 8 years ago and has been a huge welcome to the mountain community.  It was mainly funded by Selkirk Tangier's long time guest, Don Simpson.  Simpson with his Simpson Group Housing made the ultimate RMR Resort happen.  Before that we had to ski tour, sled ski or heli to the top of the winter Peaks.  RMR also gave Revelstoke North America's longest vertical and legit fall line.  (For all you skier's, it's 5, 620 feet of consistent grade.)  It also changed the demographic of the Revelstoke local to once again include a higher concentration of mountain dreamers.  (A Century before the Revelstoke Resident lobbied the Federal Government in 1914 to create the only pubicly demanded National Park. Stoked.)

Revelstoke Accommodation Association - Thank you for the Bike's Regent Inn stay.

There's a logistical and historical reason why we chose this place.  Another huge player and long time visionary for creating the Revelstoke we have today is The Regent Inn owner Freddy Beruschi.  Freddy has been a long term staple, visionary and shaper of Revelstoke.  He's been inviting and welcoming guests to the mountains that surround his hotel as well spearheading many residential enhancing projects over the decades, probably the longest of them all. (At least 4, if not 5 decades and a tourism business owner.)  Along with Selkirk Tangier's Heliskiing (and a handful of other quality Heli Ski companies that have sprung up in the last 15 years), The Regent Inn is also 'the Revelstoke Home' to the planets largest and oldest Helicopter Skiing Company, Canadian Mountain Holidays, CMH Heli Skiing.  CMH created Heli Skiing over 50 years ago and now currently commercially operates a winter heli skiing program in an area in the interior of BC the size of Switzerland - yes, CMH Heli is that old and that big far exceeding them all.

Freddy was also key in welcoming Don Simpon's Revelstoke Mountain Resort dream.  It was a rumor for decades and notable locals like Freddy persevered to make it happen.   

The Regent Inn has also hosted Brent Strands turning legendary weekly 'Pedal and Pint' group ride since it's inception a decade ago.  Their Pub has provided the thirsty riders a plethora of Mt Begbie Brewing rounds for the apres.  We had to take Brice on one of these rides too ... (and why we truly set him up at that hotel) !! 

Mt Begbie Brewing - Thank you for quenching our trip thirst !!

Local beer always taste best.  Thanks for quenching our trip thirst Mount Begbie !! Where ever you're travelling, the local brew always taste best.  Here's to Tail Whip, the Limited Edition summer brew from Mt Begbie Brewing!!

See Revelstoke allowed us to share with Bike our favorite eateries, coffee shops and watering holes to make the trips meal logistics effortless.  From the La Baguette, the Modern Cafe, the Taco Club, the Village Idiot, Chubby Funsters, the Woolsey Creek Cafe, Kawaubo and the 112 Lounge.

Race Face, thank you for keeping the trip threads looking good and fresh.  As always, I appreciate your support in all the varied projects and dreams I do.

Author Brice Minnigh leads this alpine descentBike Magazine Editor and article author, Brice Minnigh leads me down the an alpine favorite, the Keystone to Standard Peak Trail. 

Full Article Snap Shot (inc all above shots)

Sixteen Pages plus the Cover - Bike Magazine, March 2015Sixteen Pages plus the Cover - Bike Magazine, March 2015

Where Revelstoke Cycling Began and Why We're Truly Bike Rich 

Revestoke Cycling Club as pictured in 1899A snap shot of our history - Revestoke Cycling Club as pictured in 1899

Want More ... ?

Riding In The Columbia Mountains

One of my favorite alpine riding images captured to date (and not yet published) is from a hut trip featured below in an online Article of April 2015 issue of IMB Magazine.  

Here's a snap shot of some of the images captured from that trip later on in the summer and in a area not too far as the bird flies from Revelstoke ...

I have a few alpine huts, cabins and lodges I like to retreat to and this area makes it into one of my top 5 for sure ... Jumbo PassI have a few alpine huts, cabins and lodges I like to retreat to and this area makes it into one of my top 5 for sure ... Jumbo Pass

As mentioned, spending time in the alpine is one of my top things in life to do.

When there is no helicopter to get me there first light, being able to comfortably stay in the alpine for sunset and sunrise thanks to a remote hut, cabin or lodge is just as good (if not better).  That is when I'm living my true alpine dream.  Morning coffee on the deck with cozy evening fires were what we had with this trip ...

I'm grateful to have a handful of these places (some private, some public) I call home during the year.

Freehub Photo Book - Revelstoke 

More Stunning Images can be seen with this project too !! Check it here.  Write more soon