Capturing the Summer

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Capturing the Summer

Riding a bike is what I call fun.

Capturing the moment with a professional photographer takes the 'fun' feeling and experience to another level.  The image created inspires, inspires others to do things they might not have dreamed and inspires yourself to keep on dreaming.

The 2012 momentum for capturing progressive female images in the media started within moments of landing back in Canada (from a sweet 3 month Costa Rica surf, yoga and mtb trip).  Waiting for me was a solid care package from Race Face where I was unknowingly on all the 2012 women's gear.  Stoked! 

A late season photo shoot with Mason Mashon made the hang tags for the women's line. Four shots we captured were chosen and featured on everything from the kick ass Khyber Knee Pads to my favorite riding Shorts.  Although the below pic isn't a riding shot.... it's my favorite one. 

Captured - A dreaming moment with my favorite bike.  SmilesCaptured - A dreaming moment with my favorite bike. Smiles

I get told ALL the time, girls don't sell gravity bikes. 

My answer - IF you put more inspiring images in the media of female riders sending it, you will inspire more females to get into the sport AND get the attention of the purchasing males.  Girls can represent more than just 'girl' bikes...

Mitchell Scott from Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine gets it.  While in Costa he sent me a message saying they were printing a RAD shot in their summer issue of KMC.  The image was for an article written by Bobbi Barbarich appropriately named Femme Pedale.  Some of my favorite riding friends, Casey Brown, Lindsey Voreis and Darcy Turenne were also featured in pictures. Stoked.

Stoked to get the opening shot captured by Mason Mashon!Stoked to get the opening shot captured by Mason Mashon!

The image Mitchell was talking about is my favorite riding shot captured to date.  It's been in print for Decline and Chris Balls Mountain Biking, The Manual.  The objective of the shot was to capture an inspiring image that any rider would look at, think SiiiiiCK, THEN notice it's a girl.  Think we achieved that.  Thank you Sven Martin and the STUND Crew for the Green River, Utah trip that captured the below image and a BiG thank you to Bobbi and Mitch at KMC!

I love this shot! We need to put inspiring girl images in the media and give them a bigger role. I want to make riding like a girl rad. lb!

Summer was off to a good start.  I quickly packed my new Race Face kit and departed for Silver Star Mountain for a few warm up gravity laps.  Many smiles! 

The months of yoga, surf and pedaling my MTB along the Costa Rica coast left me riding strong.  Although I hadn't been on a gravity bike, I was confidently sending it bigger and had progressed - stoked.  I did a few hot laps with photographer Rowan Thorton and we captured some sweet images that day and others during the summer.  Shooting with Rowan at Silver Star landed us this!

Stoked Silver Star chose to use a shot of a Girl for their 2013 Marketing!  Honored it's me!When going through their shots, Silver Star chose a shot of a Girl Gettin' Rowdy for their 2013 marketing, honored its me. Hells yes!

After a day of quality Okanagan fresh air, I drove to Seattle to coach and compete for Kat Sweet and her Sugar Showdown.  An early morning photo shoot with Paris Gore on Duthie Parks big jump line landed this sweet shot in Decline Magazine.

A great morning start with Paris GoreMorning warm up with some fresh air and Paris Gore

While at the Showdown, I shoot with Mark Brent for his video "If She Can Do It" and came 2nd in the Pro Sugar Showdown competition!  Definitely a great first week back.

From the Showdown it was pedal time in Fernie for a sweet Canadian Rockies trip. I was joining my good friend Johanna Weintrager to guide and coach for a Sacred Ride Ladies Trip.  Leni captured the experience for a 6 page article in the German World of MTB.

I ride for COOKIES! Appropriate name for our sweet xc trip!I ride for COOKIES. An appropriate name for our crew and the sweet trip!

Fernie and the Columbia Valley XC - fun!Coaching and tons of riding captured to inspire!

TWENTY pages an issue goes to Womens MTB...ze Germans know what's up!TWENTY pages an issue goes to Women's MTB...zee Germans know what's up!

Right after that it was off to Whistler to meet up with the Race Face Girls and to shoot with Sterling Lawrence.

The shoot produced this banner!The shoot produced this Race Face banner and other sweet shots.

While on the coast I picked up a copy Mountain Life Magazine and found this sweet pic from a Mason Mashon Shoot.

A fun night shooting with Mason Mashon! Making magic with Mason Mashon!

During Crankwork, I entered my FAVORiTE competition on the planet - the CWx Whip-Off World Champs.  I got best female and some name mentions in the media.  Already can't wait till next year!

These jumps are BiG! Sending it and having so much fun.CWx Whip-Off World Champs - best female. These jumps are BiG! Thx for the shot Finestone!

Next up was home to Revelstoke, recharge, and play on some of my favorite trails on the planet.  I love Revy.  The high alpine adventures in the winter are what brought me there over a decade ago and it's the endless summer options that keep me there and in constant awe...

I met up with local photographer Bruno Long for some good rides. One shot landed POD on Pinkbike and a couple shots in a Pinkbike article for current Canadian National DH Champ and Revelstoke resident Casey Brown!

Pinkbike POD with this shot - CB and LB
Bruno and I also met up to shoot on one of my favorite new trails...

Love love love this section of trail that Bruno shot and built!Love, love, love this section of trail Bruno shot and built!

Revelstoke is FULL of quality everything!  Stoked I met up with one of my favorite action sport photographers and Revelstoke local Ryan Creary on a full moon alpine mission on the newest alpine trail, Frisby Ridge.  The Northern Lights even joined us on that ride.... amazing.

This night was magic and I can't wait to see where it shows upThe night ride was magic... can't wait to see where it ends up!

Ryan Creary works hard and we met up to shoot on Joss Pass, another one of my favorite local alpine rides...

B Roll Shots.  Trust me the terrain is Saaaweet!  You'll seeA iphone shot of the day. Trust me the terrain is Saaaweet! You'll see

I even got a gravity bike day in with Creary on one of my favorite gravity trails near Blanket Creek.

Gravity and suspension... two of my favorite bike things!Gravity and suspension... two of my favorite bike things!

The Alpine A+ images have been recently submitted and we've heard good things....!  Stoked to see where they end up

Next week it's off to El Salvador with a crew of solid Gravity Girls wanting to get even better and Solos Productions, Mitch Cheek for the Ultimate Winter Girls DH Shred Camp!  We're going to capture the experience with photos and video - sweet.  The trip is a dream and STOKED to see what we produce. 

Season 2013 coming right up!!!


ps - other trips that have been submitted is an article on one of my favorite camps of the season - Retallack Raddest Girls Gravity Shred Camp!  Can't wait to see this one in print!!!