Costa Rica XC

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Costa Rica XC

Mtb Life after Surf Camp!

In April, I went down to Costa Rica to be apart of  Big Mountain Bike Adventure partner,  Peaks n'Swells surf camps.   Having my first aid, class 4 drivers and the essential ability to climb coconut trees when entertaining the kids met the criteria.

The trip was to be 4 weeks.  I brought my pedal mtb bike as PnS owner, Hillary Harrison former Norba XC racer and La Ruta Champion was bringing hers.  We were dreaming of some apres surf camp adventures and objectives... I also knew from guiding a couple Big Mtn DH trips in Costa the winter prior, there was AMAZING mountain biking to be had.

But really, I could not imagine a trip that long, to somewhere that RAD, without my bike. 

The surf camps were super successful and I was asked to stay another couple weeks as unscheduled camps booked. Sweet! 

That extra time lead me into staying yet ANOTHER 6 weeks to take my 200 hour Yoga Instructor training... thank you Devaya Yoga!

I definitely started to feel like a Montezuma local.  When the surf wasn't on I joined group rides, found a bunch of coaching and even did some youth MTB programming thanks to my good friend Pipa and her connections with the local school kids. 

Kids Camp!  Not a bad place to learn cornering!  This area is inbetween a sweet right and sweet left break...10 minute walk apart.  (and where I left my board so I could ride my mtb to surf!)Kids Camp! Not a bad place to learn cornering!

Riding up the Coast!Group ride up the Coast!

Costa Group Ride ApresCosta Group Ride Apres

One of the group rides was the joining of the Nicoya Penisula Cycling Club and the San Jose Cycling Clubs as they were meeting to see and develop the trails in the Nicoya Penisula.  There I met Marco Amador of Yoga en 2 Ruedas (Yoga on 2 wheels in Spanish!).  He has a crew of riders that he trains for key cycling events, most notable the infamous La Ruta!

His crew brought me to the more mountainous region for a 2 day skills and training session.  It was group rides with applicable skill stops in the morning and sweet core/yoga sessions in the evening with Marco's Mtb Specific Zen Fit Class.

It starts with the feet...It starts with the feet...

Yoga en 2 Ruetas Crew - Thank you!!!Yoga en 2 Ruetas Crew - Thank you!!!


The Yoga en 2 Ruedas crew was amazing and treated their coach like gold.

I was lucky to get a extra yoga classes in at their Namaste Studio , owned by Marcos wife, Mariela Cruz.  (These two make an amazing team) 

After one of the morning rides, Lucia took us to her Guest House and Legendary Restaurant, Chubascos!!! (Even Lonely Planet calls this place on of the Countries Best.)  We feasted on AMAZING local grown and uber traditional Costa Rican food,  still smiling. If you ever find yourself in the Volcano area near San Jose, you want to stay and eat here.  Her coffee is even grown 5 minutes away! Many thanks Lucia.

Mario had us over for a fantastic Lebanese meal at his restaurant Lubnan in San Jose.  Delicious.  He paired his families recipes with an amazing 2001 Lebanese wine. Felt like a princess. Guess he appreciated the solid lesson on how to fix his chain - big smile.  Thank you Mario!!!

Teaching the boys how to fix a chain sans quick link... I only had one precious one for the tripTeaching the boys how to fix a chain sans quick link... I only had one precious one for the trip

Costa Ladies!  Costa Ladies!

Early Morning Coffee Redifined!  5am group ride through the unripe coffee fieldsEarly Morning Coffee Redefined! 5am group ride through the unripe coffee fields

Can't wait to ride, surf and drink Costa Coffee again!!!