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Crankworx Whip Off!

Posted September 1, 2016 by Lorraine Blancher . Filed under

The Crankworx Whip Off is one of my favorite days of the year.

Some of the biggest and best (public) jumps on the planet - are combined with many of the best riders from all 'skill based' bike disciplines - downhill, enduro, slopestyle, freeride plus a handful of Nitro Circus athletes.  Mixing those ingredients together creates one sweet event.  

This year the women's field was smaller than previous, yet it was strongest and tightest podium yet!   

Honored to have placed numero deux!  

Casey Brown whipped the Win with Jamie Hill getting super sideways for solid 3rd.  Emilie Siegenthaler showed her World Cup big air confidence with her style for a 4th and our overall Queen of Crankworx, Jill Kintner rounded out the top five.

Throwing the horns in celebration! Casey Brown taking the Win with Jamie Hill hot on both our heels.Throwing the horns in celebration - Casey Brown taking the Win with Jamie Hill hot on our heels.  

Moments like this are what keep me young.  It's a fact - Quality fresh aiiiiiiir is a life essential for this one!


For more photos of the event - Check out the Pink Bike Story Here.

The below video gives the feel too!

STOKED Pink Bike gave us females a solid representation in many photos and mentions this year.  

It gave the competitors something to build on for future support, enabling them to continue the advancement of their skills, and the overall skill level of females progressing the boundaries of what's possible with this side of mountain biking.  

You also inspired many other females who opted out this year to continue - to go after it - and come back, and hopefully inspired new ones to continue their natural progression and join, making the field larger again.  The jumps grew earlier this season and it kept some of girls away - I want them back - and I want more to join.  This has been one of my main goals and it's great to see the massive momentum in the last few years. 

I'm personally grateful for all the support I have to do what I do, make better riders instructing others, etc.  

I'm also grateful I had a Mtb Guest loan me their personal bike for the week so I could practice the jumps and compete (as my bike had a true manufacturing defect a few weeks earlier and I was unable to receive a new frame in time).   

So Thank YOU.  Thank you for giving us a platform to continue the overall growth and legitimate progression of our skills on.

(Sadly Bike Magazine was like the Crankworx and their - non - equal pay of the podium for this event, except they strengthened it with poor facts.  Equal pay isn't paying only 1 deep on the podium - just say'in - it's a little misleading!  I understand the women's field isn't as deep - but that statement makes people think we have it equal, and is not the case.  There was nada for any other female other than equally paying first.  

Unfortunately Bike Magazine - which I love - was similar on this concept expect they added misleading facts in their coverage.  Contrary to their post - it was actually the smallest field in years - due to the size of jumps - yet the girls who showed up where jumping stronger than ever.  It was a tight field.  If you read their recap you'd not know Jamie Hill killed it, especially for it being her first year, or that the Commentators were super stoked on other riders too ... and we wonder why legitimate females riders don't get more support.  I'm not sure Miranda Millers industry support, but she's such a force I'd love to see be able to truly go after mountain biking.)

There's been amazing momentum for the females shredding - out of pure passion - for non traditional side of our sport, but there's still a bit to do!