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Crankworx Whip Off World Champs

Posted August 14, 2012 by Lorraine Blancher . Filed under Events, Media, Cool Happenings
Got the best female title at the the Crankworx UnOfficial Whip-Off World Champs - smiling!

The event was held on Whistler's large Crabapple Hits during Crankworx.  I love those jumps... the are BiG, built with quality and send you far. 

Quick History

The Whip-Off World Champs is a unique event.  It came to be in 2011 when Sven Martin and the Vital Mtb Crew decided to create an 'UN'Official badass event at Crankworx. The put the word out to bring all the Pro Slopestyle and DH riders together with one goal in mind - to see how sideways and BiG these different disciplines could throw their bike... there was no big CWx check, big screen yet it was one of the cooler happenings of the week.

Underground events are my favorite...  it's my style.  Chill atmosphere, solid crowd, no press - just local bragging rights and high fives with your best MTB friends. There hasn't been anything on my radar since almost, but not forgotten Smokey of Pirate Racing.  With his crew of Whistlers Characters (Tyler Morland / Kenny Smith) they put on some sweet events like this.

I was definitely keen on Svens UnOfficial Comp in 2011. When I heard, my whole mission during the first few days of CWx was build my brand new (and new to me) Specialized Demo 8 in time.  Mission JUST accomplished.  Big thanks to Lindsey and Kirt Voreis loaning me one of their Specialized All Ride bikes until mine was built. I can honestly say that my SECOND run, on my brand new and completely new to me bike was the Crabapples!  (And they had made them bigger from last year!)  I was in heaven.  Sending huge jumps with confidence right when I passed the word go was amazing.  Not only could I join the comp, it was going to be a good summer. 

I was the only female at the first event...

For 2012 I came to CWx stronger which was good as Whistler had made the jumps bigger! Stoked.  I arrived 2 weeks prior as I was coaching for Andrew Shandro and his Summer Gravity Camps.  A few nights after class I would roll by the area and see who was out... hitting jumps like that the first time solo isn't the best. I met up the CP Gang and frik those guys are fun.   MANY thanks. 

Got the best female title as two other RAD shredder girls came out.... I helped Carolyn Kavanagh achieve her big air goal and she in turn helped Tera.  Can't wait till we bring even more girls.

Riding like a girl... redefined!!!


Redefining BiG!  I already can't wait for 2013 as I finished 2012 riding my strongest!  I quielty sent this 70foot double solo... I knew I could do it.  Still smiling...!!!Redefining BiG! I already can't wait for 2013 as I finished 2012 jumping my strongest.I quietly sent this 70foot double solo on the Whistler Staff bonus day after closing... I knew I could do it, so I did. Still smiling...!!!