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El Salvador A Mountain Bikers Dream

Posted November 30, 2012 by Lorraine Blancher . Filed under Coaching, Trips

On November 15th I got a message from a good friend saying that the surf was going to be ON in a few days down in El Salvador.  Neither of us had been before, but the knowledge that the waves would be pumping was enough to make the spontaneous trip happen...

You know a trip is meant to be when EVERYTHING, within a few hours, falls effortlessly into place.  (Work shifts covered - no lost wages and seat availability on a $135 Aeroplan flight!) I could not have imagined or planned a more amazing getaway!

Check this for prior trip thoughts.

Three days later I was boarding an airplane with a small 25L day pack, empty with all the necessities needed for a 10 day beach trip.  Bikinis, shorts, a few tanks, flip flops and basic toiletries were all I brought. I packed for a SURF trip with some personal beach yoga sessions.  Little did I know I would be riding AMAZING bikes and about to go on a legit MTB Trip... Surf, yoga and always MTB dreaming this girl is!

The first 7 days WERE all about the surf.  From sunrise session in front of our sweet guest house to sunset sessions at some of the countries more renown and 'secret' breaks...

Good Morning Surf from Hostal los Almendros Good Morning Surf from Hostal los Almendros

K59 Surf Break Surf Break II

Rad Break III Rad Break III

El Salvador is unique in how it lies geographically.  The Countries positioning makes it possible to have sunrise and sunset sessions from the same beach break!

I love to explore and to explore by bike is dream... This gem took me to some of the cooler places along the coast.

I loooooooove this bike! I loooooove this bike!  It's suspension definitely was tested as I burned down some fairly technical dirt roads in search of legendary local surf...

On the ride back to Los Almendros,  my eyes kept wandering to the semi arid ridges lining the coast.  There HAS to be amazing trails in those hills... my wheels were turning! Moments later I got a text from Mitch Cheek at Solo Productions .  The ocean side terrain was so in my thoughts I mentioned  "...think a sweet jump line needs to be built on one of those ridges. You know, a little apres surf fun!" Little did I know what I was about to find!

A few mornings earlier when wandering around the main town, I came across a small business card that told tales of dirt bike adventures.  The swell was dying, I love exploring so I figured why not call and see what this was about.  If this business card exists, my internal trail beacon was right...

Finishing this story soon! 

Imagine exploring various surrounding coffee fields by 250F and a Trials Moto and one siiiiiiick afternoon shuttling  a 'Dirt Merchanto' style jump run and other cool trails. I met so many amazing people and a supportive community...  Can't wait to tell...  definitely a legit mid winter mtb shangri'la was found...  This country loves their bikes and wants to share.

I can't wait to be back in February for the Ultimate Winter Girls DH Shred Camp, check the details here.

Trail and killer views.  Stoked!  ps that is the ocean not to far away... Trail and killer views. Stoked! ps that is the ocean not to far away...

Felt right at was like I brought my EXACT riding kit down!  Everything!  The bike was my colour, size an suspention.  El Savo crew have good tasteThe El Savo crew have good taste!  They loaned me my EXACT riding kit, everything from my favorite helmet to tires!!! Felt right at home.  Thanks again you guys.