Representing Mountain Bike Stuff

Posted December 17, 2013 by Lorraine Blancher . Filed under Media, Cool Happenings
Representing Mountain Bike Stuff
I know it's just a pedal box but ....

In the current world of mountain biking, female images generally aren't used to represent mountain bike 'stuff'.  With women's specific products, female images are predominately used to represent 'girl stuff' - girl helmets, girl packs, girl bikes, etc.  It's not too often were used to represent generic mountain bike products ...

When I got the call earlier this summer to shoot with Margus Riga for Race Face and their new 2014 ladies line, I was stoked.  Margus is one of my favorite photographers and I knew together - where ever the shoot sent us - we could capture a strong image ... and not just for a girl!  

Thank you Margus for capturing a dream.  

While shooting a steep rock, we spotted and abandoned drop near by.  With a little tlc of the landing and take off, we made the drop happen.  Our shot was submitted by the packaging team at Race Face and chosen to be on the SWEET new Race Face Atlas pedal.  Stoked. I was told it was the best rider shot that best represented the new product ... and it just happened to be a 'girl'! 

Photo shoots with Race Face are always fun as they let their athletes be creative in the type of shots captured too.  Any image I'm apart of, I want to make is as true a moment as I can.  Over the years I have landed many RF hang tags and banner shots and this is another fun shot for Race Face that I love ...  

Hang Tag for Various Race Face ladies products ...Hang Tag for Various Race Face ladies products ...

I love it as I really had to cut the Race Face seat post !!  I had a lifestyle shoot the next day so I saved it as a real moment that might be neat to capture.  I found an old park bench where we were shooting, set up the vice and started cutting.  Big thank you to Fanatyk Co in Whistler for letting me take the tools and to Sterling Lorence for capturing the moment!

Representing mountain bike 'stuff' - not just 'girl stuff'!  Stoked

Thank you Margus and Race Face