The Momentum Continues

Posted October 1, 2015

The Coaching Momentum Continues ...

Quality and unique skill enhancing experiences  - for all levels and types of riders -  remains The Specialty and Reason behind why I created lbbikes.  

I love sharing my passion for riding and skill development and coaching is another way I know how.

The momentum continues, building on the solid foundation of what's been generated and create even more.  

lbbikes is available through out the year for custom programming, contact for details 

  • Stay tuned as lbbikes programming solidify in the New Year.

2016 confirmed lbbikes programs ...  

A Quick Recap

2015 was a great year for skill development and coaching.  

Many unique experiences were created to advance and refine all levels of riders and in a variety of bike disciples and settings.  From riders with pure cross country objectives to gravity / jumping / pumptrack goals in established Bike Parks, City Skill Development Areas and Trails under various land managers (Crown, State Forest, Private, etc).  A couple Heli Bike Experiences were even created thanks to lbbikes diverse liability policy.

The Kamloops Ranch Camp III - No Boys Allowed exceeded expectations.  It was the third annual and again brought together quality coaches, a quality venue and overall solid program.  The participants were stoked.  The Camp also generated a 3 page "Benefits of A Skills Camp' article in Decline Magazine and a 'Rad Mother Bikers' article on Pink Bike (that had over 25k in unique visits).  

The Whistler Mountain Bike Park was again the best venue for a variety of private coaching products.  From the newer rider wanting to learn right in the Teton Gravity Research / lbbbikes Article , "Downhill Mountain Biking Demystified - A Beginners Guide" to highly advanced wanting refinement to successfully jump the Bike Parks larger 'Crabapple Hits'.  

lbbikes was able to refine the riding of professional riders as well as coaches with a variety of one on one coaching sessions.  (Professional riders/coaches include Katie Compton, Serena Gordon, Kat Sweet and Lindsey Vories, etc.)  

The second annual lbbikes / CMBC Yukon Gravity Skills Camp went Coed with the addition of coach Dylan Sherrard.
A couple new Dude Only Trips were created featuring skill level refinement in Rossland and Revelstoke.   

A Heli Biking Experience was created (a couple times for different guests) in various locations like Whistler.   


Other Notable lbbikes Products 

lbbikes Coached at

Coaching for Whistler Mountain Bike Park at the LIV Ladies Only Aline EventCoaching for Whistler Mountain Bike Park at the LIV Ladies Only Aline Event

lbbikes Body and Bike (Bio)Mechanics

(This almost needs to be an article in itself)  

lbbikes continues to work with biomechanic professors and industry professionals to solidify efficient body and bike set up specifically for mountain biking and maintain a rider center in all types of terrain, etc.  Most bike and body understanding comes from a road or climbing perspective, we're looking at the ideal for staying centered over the bike when navigating 'trails' ... it's pretty cool.  

When you think about it - our bike geometries are designed with ideal angles, other high level sports understand and use angles, we also know what ideal angles are for the human body ...  

Contact me if you want to know the angles and how to calculate.

Understanding Handle Bar Width, Etc

Handle Bar Width / Lever Angle and how our arms 'hinge' play key roles in how effortless and efficient our naturally strong riding position is ... 

When understanding your personal ideal handlebar width there are 2 main angles to look at - Shoulder (shoulder/shoulder/elbow) and Ebow (shoulder/elbow/hand).  When those angles are in an anatomical neutral for what we're doing when mtb - where your hands fall is the ideal.  The elbow angle can vary inward depending on the desired level of lateral stability / strength / range of motion / etc (just like the head tube angles on a desired bike) ... The above  helps minimize injury, maximize strength and efficiency, etc.  

Then the brake lever angle is then set for minimizing carpal tunnel / maximum strength / movement efficiency etc.

The best is almost every solid rider measured that cut their bars to width from genuine and legit skill feel (from Professional Racer, Skill Development coaches and industry engineers) are where science wants them to be too ...

" ...Rider preference will always prevail, this is just a starting point for those wanting to understand, refine or set their bike ideally right ... "

Handlebar width is critical to understand. There is a too wide and there is a too narrow for Mountain BikingUnderstanding Handlebar Width at the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival. Teaching my Guests the importance of knowing when it's too wide or too narrow for Mountain Biking ...

Understanding Foot Placement and Shoe Types  

It actually starts with the feet ... 

Foot Placement when we're descending, pressing into berms, landing big jumps, etc is also key (and so is it when we're ascending but most understand this ...)Feet are a main point of contact that connects the rider to their bike.  So much happens here ... 

Foot placement when descending, pressing into berms  / concavities to generate speed, landing big jumps, etc - it plays a role especially if riding on flats. (It's important when ascending, but thanks to centuries of road lineage most already know that.)  

In the sport of mountain biking, so much happen with the feet ...

(And then there's Rider Reach that's angles build from the feet up.  It's definitely another topic but so rad as it pairs with the bike reach, rider reach, handlebar width, etc.  Super dorky geek topic but so rad.)

Bike Suspension and the Riders Bike Set Up

Bike suspension and set up is just as important.  

Working with a Rock Shox Tech to Professionally Set Up my Guests Bike - Dream !! Working with a Rock Shox Tech to Professionally Set Up my Guests Bike - Dream !! After 3 runs of riding technique and bike refinement, we had her bike dialed. Two tokens and correct air settings for how she rides. RAD !!

Paring the Bike's suspension with the riders body suspension (elbow and knees) bring's it all together.  Getting the rider to maintain a centered position in ALL types of terrain, grades, etc so their body and bikes suspension can efficiently do their job ...   

That's why good riders make it look so easy and smooth.  They've naturally got it refined, effortlessly staying centered over their bike as they scan ahead and letting their bike and body do it's job ... yada yada yada (big smile).
I love advancing, refining and solidifying techniques, mountain biking is truly simple when the above is understood.  Bikes, suspension, tires, brakes, even grips etc are so well designed.  

It's been almost 40 years since we started building purpose built mountain bikes and it's all starting to come together.